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9yahds services help you design and manage critical business processes. From training, to workshops, to consulting services, 9yahds helps you deliver successful, efficient, and robust business processes.

Services available from 9yahds fall into three categories:

  • Training – 9yahds offers a full array of training to help you create effective and powerful processes. Training is instructor led and delivered either on-premise or via the web with each class devoted to a single customer (up to five individuals) for maximum effectiveness.
  • Workshops – strake/IR is designed to make it easy for you to create and deploy critical business processes. Our workshops are designed to provide a combination of instruction in process design, product training, and mentored process implementation.
  • Consulting Services – When you want us to be responsible for documenting your processes in strake/IR, from beginning to end. Our Consulting team combines your resources with our product expertise to deliver complete turnkey solutions, at your direction.

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strake/IR training can be delivered onsite, virtually, self-guided, or any combination of these three options. Training sessions are dedicated to a single customer (up to 5 individuals) to ensure that your team gets the most out of their training. Choose from:

  • Onsite – Jumpstart your team’s learning with instructor-led training, conducted by one of our skilled trainers, onsite at your location.
  • Virtual – strake/IR virtual classroom training follows the same curriculum as our in-person training, but is delivered remotely. Designed with flexibility in mind, training can be easily divided to meet the requirements of each customer.
  • Self-guided – strake/IR learning materials and regularly scheduled web-based tutorials are available for viewing and download free-of-charge.

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9yahds’ workshops combine product training and practical exercises that will help participants analyze, evaluate, and specify requirements for developing critical business processes. During this event, participants will learn:

  • A high-level overview of strake/IR
  • How strake/IR components work together
  • How to discover and document functional requirements for processes in strake/IR
  • Building processes in strake/IR

Workshops are available from 1/2 day to 3 days and cover fundamental aspects of building processes combined with hands-on experience building a simple process. In addition, participants will be provided hands-on support as they implement their own processes in strake/IR.

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Consulting Services

Need to get your critical processes up and running in strake/IR? Our consulting services are just the thing you need.

With just a few hours of consulting time, you can get your critical processes up and running. Our consulting staff will get your questions answered quickly and help you create a new process, troubleshoot or import existing processes, and provide mentoring for your personnel as they become adept at using strake/IR. These services can be delivered on-premise or remotely depending on your specific needs.

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