Incident Response for you and your team.

How quickly can you respond to any incident despite staffing changes and unexpected absences? You need to be sure you can operate with the staff you have on hand, in the face of any disruption. That means making sure anyone on your staff can access the incident response processes they need at any time, in any place.

Taking control of your processes should be simple. No spreadsheets. No Visio. Just common sense, incident response, all in one place.



  • Build and manage your playbooks – easily design, edit, and share your processes
  • Move beyond paper – create granular and dynamic task details by embedding forms, urls, videos, and more
  • Manage your documentation – archive and distribute information vital to completing tasks and resolving incidents
  • Prepare for anything – pre-configure event types for rapid reporting and delegation to responders
  • Make your plans portable – quickly and easily import or export your processes for backup

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  • Simplify issue management – classify and report issues to IR team leaders for rapid assessment
  • Notify your team – automated notifications let your team know exactly when to act
  • Execute your playbooks – task delivery ensures responders know exactly what to do, when, and how
  • Assign resources on-the-fly – easily re-assign available personnel to any role to guarantee critical tasks get done
  • Test and improve – make sure your people are trained and playbooks are up to date with the click of a button

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  • Gain insight – detailed audit trail provides task-by-task and team-by-team tracking for in-event and post-mortem proof of action and forensic analysis
  • Deliver updates in real-time – status dashboard visualizes KPIs to quickly identify bottlenecks and roadblocks to incident resolution
  • Manage event information – customizable search functionality enables quick and easy access to issue and event details for updating and coordination
  • See beyond the process – monitor the incident impact to system resources and business functions throughout the remediation and recovery process

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