Why strake/IR?

In today’s environment, maintaining your company’s security involves behavior change across your organization.   Everyone is responsible for looking both ways before crossing the cyber street – that means being on alert with all devices at all times.  It also means developing the most detailed plans to address any incidents that can occur, despite all you’ve done to secure your perimeter and train your employees.  As an organization, you need a purpose built solution to support your team during response and recovery.

9yahds was founded with a mission: to provide companies with a powerful cloud-based solution and support services to efficiently design and orchestrate the processes your team needs to invoke to respond, recover and restore.  With the introduction of strake/IR, we are responding to the need of  the security team to have its own affordable solution to support both high level and granular tasks during and following a cyber event.  Moving beyond the limitations of spreadsheets and word documents, help desks and GRC tools, strake/IR provides ease and efficiency in planning, responding, recovering and assessment of lessons learned.

Team Founders

Paul McIsaac

An experienced business executive, Paul brings a hands-on perspective of the benefits of process in companies around the world.  With over a decade and a half in the IT Service Manage market, he has seen first-hand the limitations of paper-based solutions for incident response in companies of all sizes.  As a result… the idea for 9yahds was born.  In the dim and distant past, Paul majored in Marketing and Entrepreneurial Studies at Babson College in Wellesley, Massachusetts.


Pam Simpson

Pam brings decades of diverse experience in the financial, insurance, and non-profit organizations to 9yahds through a variety of operations and management positions.  Pam is fiercely determined to close the gap in affordable tools required to succeed against cyber criminals.  It seems like only yesterday that a young and vibrant Pam obtained a dual major in Marketing and Communications from Babson College before receiving her MBA from the Isenberg School of Business at the University of Massachusetts.

Board Members

Paul McIsaac
Pamela Simpson
Craig McLellan
CEO, ThinkOn
Jeff Riley
Technology Executive & Advisor

Advisory Board

Ben Lazar
Marketing Director, Alfresco
Scott T. Alfieri
CEO at Crisis Management International, Behavioral Medical Interventions, and Crisis Care Network
Kim Nelson
EVP and CFO, SPS Commerce

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