Security Incident Response Orchestration

Are you using manual tools to manage your incident response? There’s a better way! Now you can design, orchestrate, and measure your IR processes and plans to mitigate cyber attacks faster and more effectively – in the cloud. Manage the unexpected with strake/IR from 9yahds!

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PLAN: drag, drop, and done.

Quickly and easily create and manage consistent, repeatable, and efficient Incident Response processes.

Say goodbye to manual tools with strake/IR, where your entire team can access, update, and execute IR workflows with the click of a button.

ORCHESTRATE: streamline IR.

Achieve faster, more effective response and remediation using strake/IR’s Incident Response process orchestration. Bring your IR runbooks to life by automatically assigning critical tasks for your team to complete.

Now your team can work together – error free – no matter where you are and who’s available.

REPORT: insight at-a-glance.

Real-time dashboards and robust audit reports ensure senior leadership can access the most pertinent information when they need it. Detailed, audit-ready reports easily demonstrate proof of action and valuable post-mortem insights. Take a look!

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